Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"How Friendly Are You With Your Co-Workers?"

This was the question posed today on Grant Lawrence Live and rather than answering the actual question (as per usual), FAXBoy had this to say on the CBC Radio 3 blog:

"I've been unemployed for so long that sometimes I put on my best Blockbuster khakis and blue button-down shirt just so that I can sneak into your office building, cloaked by the frenzied herd during the morning rush, to forage for food and free (crap) coffee in your break room. I'm l-o-n-g gone before you realize that someone already nuked and ate your Hot Pockets (even though you Sharpied your name across the box in the freezer). Security BREACHED!"

and Grant read it live on the air (just like the title of the show) with that great Canadian radio voice of his (like Branagh to FAXBoy's Shakespeare)!

[See comment #127.]

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